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7 Everyday Habits That You Didn't Realize Are Damaging Your Hair

7 Everyday Habits That You Didn't Realize Are Damaging Your Hair

1. Leaving your house with wet hair.

Our hair is most vulnerable when it's wet, as it opens our tresses to higher chances of breakage and damages. Putting your hair up or styling while it's still wet can cause a lot of stress on your locks.

76 How-To : Give your hair a quick blow-dry and always remember to use a heat protectant spray. If you are those who prefer air-drying, try to use a micro-fibre towel to speed up the process by tapping the towel on your strands gently.

2. Pollution. Pollution.

From the everyday hustling in a busy city lifestyle, pollution can be a great damage to not only just our skin, but also applies to our hair & scalp as well. Little grimmy pollutants like dusts, smoke can always settle on your hair which makes the hair rougher and drier. So, at anytime when you're outdoors, your hair is vulnerable!

76 How-To : Add weekly moisturizing masks or hair oil to your hair care routine. This can help keep your tresses moisture and scalp nourished at all times.

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3. Excessive use of heat when styling your hair.

Now, in order to save a few quick minutes from oversleeping and snoozing over your alarms, heat-styling your hair be it straightening or curling can definitely be a life saver. The UGLY truth is, this isn't going to make your hair too happy! Our hair shafts are very fragile especially for those with fine and hair thinning problems. The heat emitted from these little gadgets can reap your hair of moisture which ultimately cause you breakages and damages.

76 How-To : Pick a heat-protectant spray that suits your hair condition best and use it every time before applying any heat to your hair.

4. Over-teasing your hair.

We've all done it before! Whether it's playing with our hair when we've got nothing to do or teasing our hair to boost more volume to a flat hair structure. Did you know, backcombing causes unnecessary strain on your hair with tangles and this can lead to split ends and damages to the natural fibers that are in our cuticles.

76 How-To  : Get yourself a volume hair spray to help create more volume and even better sprays with treatments element in it! If you can't kick off the habit of teasing your hair, try doing it gently with the right comb and not too frequently. 

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5. 24/7 Top Knot.

Wearing a top knot is very common among those especially when you are having one of those lazy days where you don't know what to do with your hair. Highly loved as a hairstyle but this particular hairstyle makes your hair more prone to damages which leads to split ends and other not-so-pretty conditions The stress on your hair cuticles when wearing a top knot all the time, will eventually cause loss of hair follicles and affect natural hair growth.

76 How-To : Always remember to let your hair down every 2 hours and massage your scalp and roots to relief the strain from the top knot. Consult with our stylist on what other daily styles you can put on for your hair that will suit you the best.

6. Using the same shampoo after your hair changes.

This would be for all the hair adventurers out there! Changing your hairstyle can be fun be it, getting a perm or exploring different hair colors. Now, if you've recently changed your hair, you should also make a change in your hair care routine. When going through changes, your hair may need different nutrient or treatments to keep your hair healthy and longer lasting period.

76 How-To : Regularly keep yourself up to date with the latest hair care products for your tresses. Consult with your stylist today if you are unsure on which products suits you the most.

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7. Dirty hair brushes/combs.

Brushing your hair on a daily basis has been proven to have helped with hair growth aside from just keeping your tresses in check. However, brushes that are frequently used will be filled with germs, dandruff, and other little residue like dead skins, and you don't want them in your hair.

76 How-To : Make an effort to clean your brushes twice a month. You can soak your brushes and combs in either baking soda or normal hair shampoo and water for a minute or two.