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5 Things You Should Know About Before Straightening Your Hair!

5 Things You Should Know About Before Straightening Your Hair!

1.Wet Hair X Straightening Iron

Avoid applying a flat iron on your hair while it's still wet! One can never afford to be lazy as this will draw out your hair's elasticity and nutrients which leads to immense breakage and brittles.

76 Tip: Blow dry your hair before applying a flat iron.

2. The more you do it, the smoother it will get.

Well, you'd think by using the flat iron again and again on the same sections will keep your hair straighter and the effect will last longer. Think again. Overheating your hair, you'll be boiling the heat into your hair follicles which creates bubbles inside your hair shaft. Before you know it, you'll be having more split ends that you can tame.

76 Tip: Section your hair into smaller amount. Separate them using pins or hair clips to avoid running the iron on the same section more than once.

3.Don't use products with silicone after using the flat iron on your hair.

This is a commonly made mistake by most of us! Did you know that silicone acts as a protective layer which on the outside, it provides a shiny finish to your hair but on the inside, it actually keeps your hair from being able to absorb any nutrient.

76 Tip: Check the labels on your products before applying them to your hair! Consult with your stylist on which product suits your tresses the most.

4.Clean your styling tools regularly

Enjoying the privileges of these tools can be fun but that doesn’t mean you should ignore taking care of them! Constant use of your flat irons will collect dust and hair residues overtime. These naughty leftovers can gradually cause your hair and scalp to be dirty and give you an itch especially for those with sensitive scalp problems. 

76 Tip: Take some alcohol swabs and wipe it over the plate and outer layer of your iron at least once a week. Avoid using the alcohol swabs on the cord area and adapter

5. Keep the hotness at 200 degrees Celsius.

Depending on the texture of your hair, usually it's best to keep the heat at nothing over 200 degree Celsius. One of the most obvious signs of overheated hair would be that your hair ends experiencing excessive split ends and breakages. You'd also feel that your hair is always dry and the touch is always rough.

76 Tip: Apply heat protectant products before applying heat on your hair. Alternatively, you an also use more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help balance and restore the hydration to your hair.