MoltoBene Loretta Devil Shampoo Brush

MoltoBene Loretta Devil Shampoo Brush

$35.00 SGD

Do you know the correct way to wash hair? 

If your scalp smells off and greasiness occur, it may be caused by the way of shampooing. Especially for those with long hair or delicate manicures, it’s difficult to thoroughly cleanse your scalp. Improper cleansing could leave residues which causes more scalp issues.

Loretta Devil Shampoo Brush is created in Japan to combat this difficulty!

Its soft silicon bristles work effectively to:

✓ Thoroughly cleanse scalp
✓ Massage comfortably
 Increase blood circulation
Stimulate hair growth
Minimize scalp odor
Ease shampooing for ladies with delicate manicures

Kids bath time can also be fun with this cute brush! When your scalp’s healthy, your hair will grow strong and beautiful. Hair loss issues could be a thing of the past.


*Price inclusive of GST.