Lumielina Hairbeauron Curl Iron
Lumielina Hairbeauron Curl Iron
Lumielina Hairbeauron Curl Iron

Lumielina Hairbeauron Curl Iron

$376.00 SGD

Lumielina's Hairbeauron is a range of revolutionary styling tools produced in Japan! It is the most favored beauty gadget in Japan, highly raved by professional hair stylists and popular personalities.

Exclusively available in Number76.

What Can Hairbeauron Curl Iron Do For You

  1. Minimize hair damage

    Hairbeauron heats and curls your hair while protecting the protein in your hair. If you curl your hair for more than 30 seconds at the highest temperature of 180°c with conventional curling irons, your hair will be burned. With the Hairbeauron, you will see steam from your hair but it will not burn.

    *Chemicals in some hair products might cause hair damage when using Hairbeauron at high temperature.

  2. Gives a silky touch

    Hairbeauron gives a silky touch to your hair by bringing gloss and moisture. The more you curl, the more beautiful your hair will be, at all temperatures from 40°c to 180°c.

  3. Makes perfect curls

    The Hairbeauron makes perfect and long lasting curls even at lower temperatures. Depending on the nature of your hair, curls made at lower temperatures may not stay formed. If lower temperatures do not work on your hair, try the middle temperature (100-120°c)

  4. Reshapes curls easily

    With conventional curling irons, if you are not satisfied with your curls you cannot reshape your curls without moisturizing your hair again. With Hairbeauron, you can reshape your hair over and over again without water or damage.

  5. Works well on all hair types

    With its innovative technology, the Hairbeauron provides new encouragement for those who have stopped using hair straighteners because of aging or damaged hair. Now, short hair can be styled beautifully too with Hairbeauron.


Weight 407g
Size L 350mm | H 85mm | W 59mm
Curling Wand Diameter 34.0mm
Power AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Consumption 46W ±10%
Temperature 40°c - 180°c
Safety Current Fuse
Cord Length 2.0m

Purchase includes an international adapter for use in Singapore.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty. When purchased online, your name (according to the order) will be stated on the warranty booklet along with the date of purchase. To claim the warranty, please kindly bring along the product, the box and the warranty booklet to our salon.

* Please keep the box in order to claim the warranty.

*Price inclusive of GST.